How to Buy Yamaha OBM?

Please reach out to our nearest branches. Click Here

How to Buy Yamaha Genuine Parts?

You can buy from our website Click Here. or Buy from our nearest branches Click Here or Buy from our delaers / authorised service station near you. Click Here

How long is the Warranty period for my Yamaha OBM?

For OBMs meant for own use Warranty is 6 months.

For OBMs used for Rental purposes Warranty is 3 months.

What is not covered under Warranty?

Yamaha’s limited warranty offers excellent protection against the cost of repairing factory defects. Naturally, however, the limited warranty does not cover normal maintenance and wear-and-tear items, such as spark plugs, fuel and oil filters, shear pins, propellers, hubs, water pumps, and anodes. See the limited warranty statement in the back of your Owner’s Manual for additional restrictions and complete terms and conditions.

How can I get in touch with Yamaha Service team?

For all your warranty and Post warranty service needs please contact us Click Here

Which is the Engine oil recommended for Yamaha OBMs?

We recommend Yamalube for your out board motor, which is the Engine oil developed by the engineers who designed OBMs available in our branches near you. You can also buy online. Click Here